The time is now for Cannabis Gourmet. Unless you have been living under a rock Рyou are aware of the cannabis boom that has spread across North America and Western Europe. Everyone from millennials to grandparents have been enjoying their products in all its forms. The time is now for food and cannabis to come together and make their mark in the global marketplace. Being a foodie is the trademark of a well healed crowd and they have been eager to accept cannabis and how it can be used to upgrade the experience at their favorite restaurant. Chefs have noticed and they are breaking new ground when it comes to cannabis cuisine. The media has noticed as you can see by the success of Herb. Even Martha Stewart is on message with her recent deal with Canopy Growth Corporation. Now is the time for food and cannabis and now is the time for Cannabis Gourmet! If you want to work with us as a chef or sponsor Рplease visit our contact us page.


We are a team of cannabis connoisseurs who are developing a series of live events across Canada and the US. These events will bring the world of cannabis and gastronomy under one roof for some ground breaking experiences that will appeal to the foodie in all of us. We have been working on menus, locations, and timing for well over six months and we are pleased to be rolling out these events in spring 2019 Рfor the marketplace to enjoy. These epic events will go viral given our business relationships with cannabis influencers from around the globe. Cannabis Gourmet will be on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and everywhere else that matters. We also have a lock on print and TV Рso buckle up and keep coming back to this site for updates!



We are about to publish the breakdown for our initial event. It is going to be hip as hell and you are going to want to mark this down. We expect to be able to publish the specs next week as we finalize details with landlords, ticketing companies, and of course the chefs. The chefs are the heart and soul of Cannabis Gourmet and the stars of the incredible events we will be bringing to a city near you! The first event is scheduled for Montreal and we will quickly move to roll outs in Toronto and Vancouver. Cannabis lovers and foodies can expect to see us in the US in Q4 of 2019 with deals pending in LA County and Seattle. These are exciting times indeed. The chefs that have agreed to work with us in Montreal and Toronto are familiar faces and include Michelin star winners. This is going to a top flight experiences – so get ready. For information on dates and events – please reach out to us via our contact us page.


Once we kick off these events Рit is a going to be a heck of a ride. We want to talk to anyone who thinks they could add to our team. We need content producers, chefs, and influencers. Many hands do make light work and everyone on our team is integral to our success. The package offered will be competitive since we want to keep the best talent onside. We are committed to the cannabis and foodie scene Рand we want to spread the love with your help. Our team will revert back to you in 24-48 hours after your email. You can also reach us on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.